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Maringotka - ART residency

  Simplicity, but Depth. Find inspiration in Slovak nature, culture and traditions.

Your residency programme:

      Our programme provides good background for the process based residence in a quiet, peaceful place where an artist can      concentrate on his inner world. We are willing to invite an artist who is searching for inspiration from the old traditions and nature or looking for a change of his usual environment. There is also a possibility to contribute to our project and   become an active part of the community. We appreciate when an artist supports the spirit and mission of the place and  incorporates it in his work. The programme of the residence will depend on the needs, personality and temperament of the artist. An artist resident will have a possibility to visit Beluj pottery masters and get inspired by traditional Slovak ornaments. Our organization is collecting materials, old books and pictures about traditional Slovak patterns, ornaments crafts and architecture that artist could use for his research.

  •       Language(s) spoken: English, Slovak, Rusian
  •       Outcome of the residency: We do not have particular expectations.
  •       The result of the residency will depend on the needs of the artist.



      Our organization is located in a small, simple and remote Slovak  village Prenčov near the city Banska Štiavnica. The city is a  favourite tourist destination in summer and is a part of UNESCO heritage. Thus, an artist could enjoy both quite life and small     town vibrations. Prenčov is a part of Hont region and in the past was famous for Beluj pottery. This unique pottery technique has been practiced in three villages: Prenčov, Beluj and  Kralovce Krnišov. The technique has been forgotten and we are trying to put together the fragments of old knowledge and learn it by ourselves. Our friends from Beluj have opened the museum about this tradition:   http://www.beluja.sk/en/muzeum/