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Call for partners! EVS 2016/2017 Slovakia

 Dear friends, ARTKRUH intends to apply on the 26. april 2016 Erasmus+ deadline, Key Action1 with an EVS project:


Main topics are:
- Permacultura
- Handicrafts, natural building
- Event management

- Sustainable life-style in rural areas

Venue: Prenčov, Slovakia                     Dates: September 2016 – August 2017

Partners: All eligible countries             Working language: English / Slovak

Conditions: Accredited sending org.      Contact: 00421 905 723 958, info@artkruh.org

Let us know if you are interested! 

About us:
Civic association ART KRUH is corporation of artists, craftsmen, creative and common people. Our mission is preservation and development of traditional values in the fields of culture, crafts and arts. Following environmental awareness, we focus on harmonious symbiosis between nature and cultural heritage - specifically in rural areas. Our activities aim to contribute to local and regional development and sustainability. Our main target group is youth (but also adults and children) that we aim to motivate to active, creative and sustainable life-style in the countryside. Throughout year we prepare several events, like seminars, workshops or festivals in the fields like permacultura, handicraft and non-formal education.

We are founding Village center of non-formal education “Golden hill”, to create a space for education, expression and exploration of ones Self through creative, cultural, spiritual, artistic and also everyday-life activities. Besides that we carry on local museum “Black kitchen” with traditional way of cooking and living. Our centre is located in Prenčov a small village, with rich cultural heritage and many living traditions. Life of the village is closely connected to nearby town of Banská Štiavnica. Town is part of UNESCO cultural heritage and it is one of the favorite Slovak destinations in the summer with many cultural events through the whole year.