We offering for young people 18-30 age volunteering program

European solidarity corps – ESC lasting from 1-12 months

The Region of Hont, where we are settled, is a rural region with a lot of small traditional villages and beautiful natural surroundings, but a lack of working, educational and social opportunities. We are working towards our long-term goal,to explore a sustainable, individual and community lifestyle in the rural areas to change this conditions for the local community. We want to support the process of transformation in our region to achieve a more modern rural lifestyle, with an emphasis on interconnecting cities and rural areas. During this project we will work on this subject with different approaches

This project will offer to participants opportunities of:

  • developing social skills
  • gaining permacultural knowledge and skills
  • gaining manual working skills
  • learning how to live in and with a community
  • gaining knowledge and skills in project management
  • experiencing life in a rural area

We practice the philosophy of Dragon Dreaming (a managing tool methodology, where individual positions and tasks are distributed according to the capabilities and needs of all participants)  and Permaculture, which means building sustainable, productive human settlements.

With the ESC- Volunteers we want to support the topics mentioned above

Here are some examples of specific activities:

  • Gardening (e.g.: Three sisters garden)
  • Property maintenance
  • Managing projects and educational activities
  • Non-formal activities for children in local school (english sessions, creative workshops…)
  • English sessions/cultural exchange with the local community
  • Recycling and Upcycling
  • Medicinal herbs picking and processing
  • Organizing cultural events
  • Reconstruction of building-… and a lot of other things that are needed

We want to support volunteers to get skilled and competent, in a variety of things that are important for living in rural areas and in a community. They will discover principles of the life with nature. We want to support and develop their creativity and entrepreneurship, so they are able to discover potential and sources offered by the countryside. Thus enabling people to live a meaningful and real life in rural areas.


4 seasons

Our life is closely connected to the rhythm of nature. Our activities are dependent on each season and on weather conditions. During summer, days are long and warm, there is a lot of life around, beautiful nature with hills and lakes, a lot of cultural events and festivals.

In the period of Winter (when the volunteers will arrive) there are limited options for entertainment, culture and rich social life.

Winter is the „dreaming time“ when people, together with the nature shrink their life energy back to the roots. It is also the time for creativity, planning and insights about yourself.

Duration of the ESC – Volunteers

The project is designed for one year. The next possible start will be probably in February 2020. Final duration (12 months) will be managed with volunteers. We would like to start with all of the four volunteers at the same time, to provide the best possible setting to develop a strong community/team from the first day on.