Background for the projects


Artkruh is located in the picturesque and well-preserved village of Prenčov, which lies in the foothills south of the Sitno Mountains. In the village there are many preserved houses documenting the original local architecture. This locality is also known as the homeland for a large number of different types of roses, which still line Prenčov Streets. Overall, this location provides idyllic tranquility and romance of the picturesque countryside. However, Prenčov is only a 15-minute drive from the center of Banská Štiavnica, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval Slovak towns and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. As a popular Slovak resort, it provides all the services that people can need: cafes, restaurants, rich cultural program such as theaters or concerts, craft markets, museums and much more. The site is also known for its “tajchy”, artificial mountain lakes, which were created to support the mining area. Minig was the basis for the wealth and development of the city and the region in the past. Today they offer cooling in clear mountain water, during hot summer days. The location thus provides a balanced combination of rural tranquility and relaxation with the opportunites of a modern city and, as a bonus, the unusual atmosphere of ancient times.



For participants who have a close relationship with nature, we provide camping accommodation. One of the options is accommodation in mobile homes (caravans) directly in our garden. These have their own heating (wood). The beds are made in caravans. There are two trailers with a capacity of 4 people each. In addition, it is possible to stay in your own tent in your own sleeping bag. Guests at the campsite have access to outdoor toilets, a washbasin and showers.


The second accommodation option is the Craft House – a local municipal hostel. It provides 2 to 6 bed rooms with a total capacity of approximately 20 people. Each room has its own shower, toilet and made-up beds. In addition, there is a shared kitchen and a common room. The hostel is about a 10-minute walk from the Artkruh.

Home accommodation

Sometimes we have the opportunity to accommodate guests in the houses of our neighbors. Most of them are close standing houses around Artkruh. There is always a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and a made-up beds.

Activity space

Projects in Artkruh use a large variability of spaces for activities. If the weather and type of activity allow it, we always prefer an outdoor environment. For activities in large groups, we use the space around the fireplace in the camping part of the garden, where we can install whiteboards, use flipcharts or set up an evening outdoor cinema. Activities in small groups can use the whole garden and its nooks. Occasionally we also use the meadows around the village. Within the Artkruh, we also have craft workshops available – ceramic and carpentry. Occasionally we also use the covered outdoor space in front of the Craft House (municipal hostel). Another option, especially for sports activities, is the local football field.

For indoor activities, we use the premises of the local community center, where there is a seminar room with a projector and whiteboard. There is also a theater hall with an illuminated stage and a capacity of up to 150 people, which we use mainly for artistic activities such as theater, musical performances and the like. The hostel’s common room also provides limited opportunities for indoor activities.


During the projects, we provide mainly vegetarian food, which is prepared by our experienced chefs. The diet is rich and balanced, while we try our best to provide local farm products (including products from our permaculture garden) and products of organic farming. Breakfast is in the form of a buffet, where there is also a meat section, the snack between breakfast and lunch is usually fruit or sweets, coffee and tea. Lunch consists of soup and main course. Afternoon teatime is again coffee, tea and fruit or sweetness. There is a hot meal at dinner, just like lunch. Once during the project we organize dinner “outside” in the nearby town of Banská Štiavnica and once during the project if there is interest, we organize a garden grill (including meat). If we are warned in advance we can meet the requirements of participants dietary restrictions and allergies.