Future Forest 25.7.-8.8.2022


FF is a Youth Exchange focused on using artistic methods to share important
messages to the public. F.F. is a metaphorical expression of vision for the future
in the conditions for sustainable living in rural and urban areas.
As an inspiration for the activity we will search for old stories and European
mythology from the times when the nature was the God.

Public will be provoked to think about general and everyday life topic like today
values, overconsumption, selfishness, use of water, production of waste, etc.
The project will end with a public performance .

  • Are you interested in performing arts and sustainable way of living?
  • Do you want to learn or teach how to use the power of art?
  • Are you an actor, performer, musician, dancer, singer, designer, etc.?
  • Do you like mythology, storytelling and sharing around fire?
  • Wold you like to meet another 35 young people from Europe?

If you answered more with these questions yes, this project may be just for you!