Win-Win-Win Hry 2019


Win-Win-Win games is a 10 day training course for youth workers, trainers, community builders connected with young activist working on a sustainable way of living.

It opens up new dimension for youth work, based on a specific methodology called Dragon Dreaming. The Training has deep experiential dimensions, one part is focused on knowing and understanding this method and the second part is focused on overcoming of blockages in a real projects.

The training is organized by ARTKRUH, in the natural environment of the village Prenčov in Slovakia, nearby the UNESCO town – Banská Štiavnica; from the 14th-23rd June 2019. The venue is offering the experience of a deeper personal and social interaction and a sense of belonging to the community in the rural environment.

35 participants from 10 European countries will learn and experience how to use this methodology, which is combining project management, an inclusive, participatory and non hierarchical approach. Moreover, DD is not only a methodology but also a philosophy, a changing approach of our activities/projects on win-win-win games. The First win is for each participant, the second for community and the last win belongs to the Earth, focusing on environmental sustainability. With this unique philosophy DD is offering a new perspective on the development of projects, enterprises and aspire for creating a new paradigm for the 21th century.

The project will be led by an experienced lector and the founder of this method John Croft from Australia and Lizandra Gomes is from Brazil. These two lectors and facilitators are bringing not only European, but also a worldwide dimensions and experiences to the project.

Our aim is implementation of D.D. to European youthwork by educating the group of trained youthworkers and thus address the needs of European youth for more sustainable and participative society with better opportunities for employability.


  • To develop skills and get knowledge related to providing effective youth work and training activities with special emphasis on Dragon dreaming project methodology.
  • To develop skills and get knowledge to particular topic: overcoming blockages in projects, allowing participants to analyze and solve possible problems in real projects
  • To experience and understand negative aspects of common win-lose games, and possible win-win-win approach
  • To educate the group of youth workers trained in Dragon dreaming for further implementation of this methodology in European youth work
  • To create a social experience of community through sharing living and working spaces, participating in common tasks and daily practices, and to valorize this as an opportunity for learning and personal and social growth.

This seminar is perfect for you and you can really learn a lot if you

  • are youth worker, trainer or community builder connected with young activist
  • are curious to learn how to look at the world differently and want to try something new.
  • want to increase how effective you are in your life and youth work.
  • don’t want to see blockages in your life and projects as destructive limitations, but as something that can be addressed, to the overall benefit of projects and your life.
  • want to see something that demands of you to be an inspiration for change.
  • want to achieve a deeper understanding of a win-win-win culture.
  • want to learn and discover what you can achieve by using your whole body.
  • want to discover something in a group situation with experienced peers.


In this training we will work in creating collaborative projects while simultaneously we are becoming aware and working to overcome any blockages that arise. While we work in community with all participants of the workshop, it will be a big learning applicable for our lives outside the workshop.

We can expect from this workshop

  • To have a new Understanding of Change Processes so as to shift in Gratitude to Dreaming, practicing Deep Listening and Charismatic Communication.
  • Undertaken a Network Analysis for your project team,
  • Completed a project’s Force Field Analysis.
  • Understand your personal Comfort Zone.
  • Have conducted a Dreaming Circle and understood how it can be used to recruit new members of your team.
  • Have used the Wheel of Effectiveness, integrating Theory and Practice within Living Systems Theory, creating processes for Participatory Objective and Goal Setting.
  • Have created a strategic Karabirrdt for your project, and used it to create the budget and begin delegating tasks for the implementing your project.
  • Helped you to recognize the personal blockages that interfere in the goals of your personal life and to diagnose the different blockages in the project process stages, helping you recognize their symptoms.
  • Learn of your personal blockages in life and in projects and their effects on your physique, your health and your body.
  • You will learn to recognize the sources of blockages at different levels and in different contexts. You will come to understand how a win-lose culture produces blockages as a result of fear and distrust and how this automatically produces lose-lose outcomes in our culture.
  • You will find ways to transcend the conflicts generated in blockages and use this energy creatively in yourselves, between yourselves and the group, and within groups to support the emergence of a true win-win-win culture.
  • You will learn to “see” in different ways through the imaginative power of the mind, and through the body.