Budovanie mostov 2019


It is a youth exchange where 35 young people will meet in Prenčov village, Slovakia.

Participants are young people, willing to broaden their life perspectives, improve their social and language skills, searching for new inspirations. They have little or no experiences with young mobilities, but they are open to take challenge. They are open to share their story with others, or with target group of the project – local youth. They are active and willing to meet new people, to learn from each other, to inspire others and share their knowledge, viewpoints and abilities. They want to experience active life and bring some new “fresh air” back to their communities. Together they prepare several teambuilding games, icebreakers, energizers, roleplays, discussions, situation analysis and other non-formal activities supporting active participation issue. They intend to focus on food and music as a method and way to deliver the message of the project to other young people.

Special methodology used is Dragon dreaming offering participatory, nonhierarchical and inclusive approach. Another specific method/activity is service and care. This is arranged in the morning time, after the breakfast and idea is to allow participants contribute to the local environment and create an informal setting for deepening of friendships.

The overall aim of this project is “to empower young people and their ability to participate actively on life of a community/ society” with regards to the idea of global citizenship, and motto “think global act local”. We want to target this issue by exchange of good practices, experiences, information and methods about active participation among young people from partner countries. We want to invite also less active youngsters, who have never been to international mobility.

Objectives of the project are

  • to empower proactive approach towards social and community topics by sharing various activities
  • to exchange ways and approaches of managing small meaningful changes inside of social and
  • cultural environment
  • to provide participants with different participatory and horizontal methods that can be used as tool to facilitate communication and understanding with local community.
  • to organize several discussions about active citizenship and global citizenship with special focus on actions in small local communities
  • to encourage cooperation among participants by various community building activities
  • to organize an event for local youngsters in the area of Hont and to share results of the exchange with them

We expect that participants will be inspired by personal experience and more motivated to run youth activities or projects in their local area. They will become more proactive and they will gain tools and experiences to become local leaders able to motivate and inspire others. They will improve their social skills, but also tolerance and respect to other opinions, habits and lifestyles. They will be inspired to be cause of positive changes in their environment (ecological and social). We expect to motivate even other young people outside the exchange. For this purpose we organize two local event during the project, and 6 other after the project.