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Building Bridges 2019

It is a youth exchange where 35 young people will meet in Prenčov village, Slovakia. Participants are young people, willing to broaden their life perspectives, …


Win-Win-Win Games 2019

Win-Win-Win games is a 10 day training course for youth workers, trainers, community builders connected with young activist working on a sustainable way of living. It opens …


Trees 2019-2020

We choose as a topic for this project trees, because they are a symbol of long term perspective, a way of thinking and living. During this project …


Future Forest 2020-2021

Future Forest je mládežnícka výmena, organizovaná pod záštitou programu ERASMUS+. Jedná sa o neformálny spôsob vzdelávania. 35 mladých ľudí z Portugalska, Chorvátska, Rakúska


Connecting Roots 2018-2019

“Connecting roots” is 6 day partnership building seminar for representatives of organizations working in youth field. Project will be organized by ARTKRUH in natural environment …


Layers of communication 2020

je medzinárodný tréning pracovníkov s mládežou a realizuje s podporou programu Európskej komisie Erasmus+. Uskutoční sa 21.-30. októbra 2020…