About us

With regard to the traditions and cultural heritage, we inspire others to a conscious and responsible life


ARTKRUH is a civic association whose purpose is to promote harmonious coexistence with nature, preservation and development of traditional values ​​in accordance with cultural heritage and nature of the country

Our activities aim to contribute to local and regional development and sustainability. Our main target group is youth (but also adults and children) that we aim to motivate to active, creative and sustainable life-style in the countryside. We are founding Village center of non-formal education “Golden hill”, to create a space in which would be people able to educate, self-realize and self-know themselves through creative, cultural, spiritual, artistic and also everyday-life activities. Besides that we are providing local museum “Black kitchen” with traditional way of cooking and living. In the past we have organized many international youth projects as workcamps, exchanges, EVS, trainings and others.


The main activities of the Association are

Educational activities

Courses, seminars, international youth projects.

Creative and craft workshops

Ceramics, carving, plating, jewelery, etc.

Cultural and social events

Festivals, street theater, fairs, etc.

Ecological activities

Permaculture and traditional construction.



Prencov 90 – “Under the Golden hill” is the seat and the main background of the association. It is placed on the outskirts of the village and is directly connected with the surrounding “wild” nature. On this place we have permaculture garden with fruit bushes and trees. Here is also ceramic and wood workshop, summer background for accommodation and educational activities. The vision of this place is to become a self-sufficient “center of creativity and non-formal education “.

Prencov 60 is another building in a disposition of association. It is a traditional village house dating back to 2016 as a cultural heritage building. This building undergoes a complete reconstruction using traditional technologies and materials (wood, stone, clay, straw) and was included in the network of museums in Hont as “Peasant black kitchen”. On the courtyard we built a traditional bread baking oven. We do not want this place to be just “passive museum “preserved somewhere in time, but on the contrary, it should be a living testimony and inspiration how can the archaic past and the modern present harmonize.


The civic association ARTKRUH was founded in 2004 in the village of Stratená in national park Slovak Paradise. We organized 5 volumes of local festivals focused mainly on crafts and artistic production. Also in cooperation with INEX, we organized several international camps – workcamps focused on environmental adaptation and reconstruction of historical buildings of the old tavern and the cultural heritage building Halaš. After partial reconstruction, the buildings were returned to the administration of the original owners.

From the beginning, the intention of the association was the harmonious coexistence with nature, preserving and developing traditional values ​​in accordance with cultural heritage and nature of landscape. In this spirit, the village of Prencov lying under the fabulous Sitno mountain, just 10km from Banská Štiavnice, charmed us. Therefore since 2012, our association has found the seat for most of its activities here.