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Special Effects

"Special Effects - Simplicity, Depth and Nature-Based Methods in Youth Work and Training" is a training course for trainers, youth workers, social workers, who like to work in connection with nature, who want to develop their facilitation competences and add some special effects to their trainer’s body, mind, heart and spirit through nature based methods. Extra focus will be given to working in simple rural conditions, using less resources, developing skills for working with youth from rural areas and exploring nature as a tool for empowerment of young people from socially disadvantaged background.

Prenčov, okr. Banská Štiavniva, Slovakia; 13.-22. May 2016; Aplly now!




The course is focused on improving training competences, facilitation and presentation skills of people who work in non-formal education and experiential learning. The methodology is based on approaches where nature plays an important role and is present as the environment, tool or content.

We will work on all the most important aspects of learning activities: programme structure, flow, methods, techniques, group dynamics, presentation skills, personality of the trainer, roles and balance in the training team and we will experience it all in a in meeting with local community.

Special Effects is designed for people who are ready to learn, explore, discover and develop their skills and will be able to use it later in their jobs and communities.


People, countries

We will host 30 participants from 12 countries and partner organisations:

Czechia (3), Cyprus (2), Estonia (2), Greece (2), Hungary (3), Italy (3), Netherlands (2), Poland (3), Portugal (2), Slovakia (3), Spain (3), UK (2).



  • To develop skills and get knowledge related to providing effective youth work and training activities with special emphasis on nature-based and community-based approaches.
  • To experience topics relevant to the course in a variety of interactive methods and participant-centred learning processes, such as Way of Council, Open Space, Threshold walk, reflection time and guided time in nature.
  • To challenge some of the current clichés in the field of non formal education through examples and reflections on how concepts such as nature, open communication, art, spirituality, ceremonies and rites of passage can be included in contemporary educational and experiential activities.
  • To create a social experience of community through sharing living and working spaces, participating in common tasks and daily practices, and to valorise this as an opportunity for learning and personal and social growth.
  • To practise themes of the course in meeting with local community and to reflect on this experience



Honza Látal: from South Bohemia, in education and training since 2002, loves running in forests, plays instruments, does body performances, collects stones and Norwegian music, likes to connect unexpected, is passionate about macro photography, interested in religions and cultures, brings insight and focuses on balance, context and clarity.


Bára Blahová: Bara comes from Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. She has a huge passion for non-formal education, as opposite to her traumatic educational experience of studying medicine. Her big interests at the moment are personal development, coaching and using nature as environment for learning, and is developing an addiction for social networks – not only as working tools.


Carmine Rodi Falanga: born near Napoli, southern Italy, in 1977. He holds a master degree in business administration but in the early 2000s discovered non formal education, which has become his life passion ever since. Former journalist, he loves journeys, telling and listening to stories, communication, geopolitics, and gaming experiences. He will never be a morning person.




13.5. arrival day- arrival until 6PM

14.-21. 5. programme days

22.5. departure day- departure at 9:30AM

Venue: ART KRUH (www.artkruh.org), Prenčov close to Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

More detailed information on how to reach the place will be released in the info pack after participants’ selection.

Food and accommodation: will be fully covered by the organisers.

Travel costs: will be refunded after the end of the course, after providing all the original tickets and receipts. We will cover 100% of you actual expenses, but only up to the maximum amounts listed below:

· Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia: 180€

· Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, UK: 275€

· Portugal: 360€

Participants have to commit to take part for the full duration of the course or they will not be eligible for travel reimbursement.

Participation fee: Money shouldn’t be the only obstacle against your participation - therefore we suggest a sliding scale from 30 to 100€. We want to give you the possibility to self-evaluate how much you can contribute financially, and how much you consider a fair fee for 8 days training programme.

Organised by: Play It Big (SK) - an informal group of youth workers

Application form: http://goo.gl/forms/tDATOHxsBV to be completed before 15th of February.

After the selection and confirmation of attendance, participants will have one week to book their travels, and send us the proof.

Contact: In case of any questions, please contact us at

info.playitbig@gmail.com or +421 944 094 688

More detailed information will be provided to the selected participants.

"Special Effects- Simplicity, Depth And Nature-Based Methods In Youth Work " is an innovative 8-day training course for youth workers to develop training and facilitation competence aiming to make your inner „tool box“ richer, special, sparkle with a extra focus given to working in simple rural conditions, using less resources, developing skills for working with youth from rural areas and exploring nature as a tool for empowerment of young people. 


Coordinating organisation: Play It Big

Host organisation: ART KRUH

Type: Training Course

Programe: KA1 Erasmus6

Aplly now!